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CN = complete notes        PP = powerpoint ............AM=animations

AVI = audio visual .............SS= summary sheets

Topic 1 & 11

CN Common ions and Formula

CN Moles

CN Volumetric analysis

CN Titration calculations

CN Using a Burette

CN Math 4 Chemistry

CN Errors in Chemistry


Topic 6 & 16

CN Kinetic synoptic

CN Kinetics 1

CN Kinetics 2

CN Catalysts

SS Kinetics

PP Kinetics 1

PP Kinetics 2

PP Rates of reaction

PP Factors that affect rates

PP Catalysts

Topic 10 & 20

CN Introduction to organic Chemistry

CN Alkanes

CN Alkenes

CN Alcohols

CN Halogenoalkanes

SS Organic reactions

SS Isomers

PP Introduction to organic Chemistry

PP Alkanes

PP Alkenes

PP Alcohols

PP Halogenoalkanes

PP Mass spectrometer

PP Isomers

PP Polymers

PP Organic reactions

PP Bond breaking and forming

Topic 2 & 12

CN Atomic structure

AVI emission and absorption spectra

AVI Line emisssion spectra

CN Mass spectrometer

SS The Atom

PP Electronic configuration of atoms

PP Ionization energy

PP The mass spectrometer


Topic 7 & 17

CN Chemical Equilibrium

SS Chemical equilibrium

PP Equilibrium 1

PP Equilibrium 2

PP Equilibrium calculations 1

PP Equilibrium calculations 2


Option A

SS Electromagnetic spectrum

AVI Radiation and matter

CN Modern Spectroscopy

SS Modern Analytical techneques

PP IR Spectroscopy

AVI bond vibtrations

CN IR Spectroscopy

AVI IR Specttroscopy

CN Mass Spectroscopy

SS Mass spectrometer

PP Mass spectrometer and atoms

PP Mass spectrometer and molecules

PP Mass spectrometer and fragmentation

AVI Mass spec fragmentation

PP Mass spectroscopy analysisng spectra

AVI Mass specttroscopy analysing spectra




CN Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

AVI Atomic Absorption spectroscopy

PP The origins of colour

AVI Origins of colour

PP UV and Visible spectroscopy

AVI UV and Visible spectroscopy

CN Paper chromotography


AVI Gas chromotography


Topic 3 & 13

CN Periodicity

CN Period 3 Chemistry

CN Transition metals 1

CN Transition metals 2

SS Periodicity

SS The Halogens

PP Period 3 Chemistry

PP Transition metal Chemistry

PP Transition metal complexes and reactions

Topic 8 & 18

CN Acid and Bases

CN pH and Indicators

SS Acids and Bases

PP Acids and bases

PP Buffers 1

PP Buffers 2

Topic 4 & 14

CN Structure and Bonding

CN Shapes of moloecules

CN Hybridization

SS Chemical bonding

SS Intermolecular forces

SS Isomers

PP Bonding and structure

PP Hydrogen bonding

PP Electronegativity

PP Fajans rules

PP Shapes of molecules

Topic 9 & 19

CN Electrochemistry

SS Electrochemistry

SS Redox

PP Electrode potential

Option G

CN Addition to unsymetrical alkenes

PP Addition reactions of unsymetric alkene

SS dehydration of alcohols

CN Alcohols

SS Aldehehyde and ketones

CN Aldehydes and ketones

PP Aldehyde and ketone

SS Acylation

CN Acylation

CN Carboxylic acids

SS Carboxylic acid and acylation reactions

CN Benzene

CN Friedel-crafts reaction

CN Phenol

CN Isomers


Topic 5 & 15

CN Enthalpy

CN Entopy and Gibbs

SS Enthalpy

SS Entropy

PP Enthalpy

PP Entropy

PP Entropy Calculations


Otion E Environmental Chemistry





Topic 1 & 11 Topic 1 & 11
Topic 2 & 12 Topic 2
Topic 3 & 13 Option A HL Topic 3
Topic 4 & 14 Option E HL Topic 4
Topic 5 & 15 Option A SL Topic 5
Topic 6 & 16 Option E SL Topic 6
Topic 7 & 17 Topic 7
Topic 8 & 18 Topic 8
Topic 9 & 19 Topic 9
Topic 10 & 20 Topic 10